10 Outstanding Ways To Manage Your Time

10 Outstanding Ways To Manage Your Time

Time is very important to us. Time is a value.  Don’t say ever you don’t have enough time. You have exactly the same hours, minutes or days that were given to the successful people like Albert Einstein, Steve jobs and many other. Often you have seen many people that always say ‘I am busy’ and seems like they are very busy, hard worker and they are going to be more successful. But I personally feel, that is incorrect I know all of us are busy every time but don’t you think we can work smart rather than hard work.

We all know that time flies very fast and somehow we failed to achieve our target because we didn’t manage it according to the time.


First, 30 minutes to plan your day – make it a routine or habit you have to plan your day in first 30 minutes. Don’t start your day without 30 minutes planning. Write down the point or bullets of work schedule for a whole day.

Do not Disturb – Put a sign of your phone or Do not disturb. If you have got a task to finish by the EOD did it on the same day. Don’t leave that for tomorrow. No matter  the deadline is after two days. If you think that you can manage it did that on the same day.

Keep yourself away  some time for social media – Everybody is insane because of social media. If you are on your work schedule  and have distributed time according to the task. So try to keep yourself away from social media or messaging  like Facebook, Twitter, what’s app etc. Unless you use these ones for generating business.

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Go for a short break – if you will keep on working without any break, it will make you more tired. It is mandatory to have a short break like go for a walk, take fresh air, clear your mind by doing some exercise.

Good night sleep for 7-8 hour every day – Sleep is the most important to our lives. It makes us fit and healthy. Make sure you can take a good night sleep for at least 7-8 hours every day. If you can’t sleep proper, you will always be tired of work and sleepy.

Work as a team – Every business target is important to every worker. Prioritize your work according to the tasks. Working in a team will help you to work smoothly and timely.

Say NO – You might be thinking that why I said NO. It is because sometimes you will get phone calls, emails or messages from the other parties to meet their criteria.
It is not mandatory that you have to clear that Criteria first and even you don’t have to say YES. Your work is important first too.

Work from home – If a business has offered you a facility to work from home got it straight away. It saves your money, traveling, moving, packing time and saves your energy too.

Don’t be lazy – Suppose if you wake up normally at 6 am on every Monday to Friday. Don’t make yourself lazy to wake up late on Sat and Sunday. If you will wake up at the same time then it would be easier to wake up early again on Monday.

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Don’t do multitask – Do one thing at a time. If you will dig into the so many things at a time. It could make you slower and you will never finish your work on time.



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