5 Stunning Beaches To Visit In New Zealand

5 Stunning Beaches To Visit In New Zealand

Do you know New Zealand is the most beautiful country in the world? New Zealand has taken the best title of the best country in the world for the fourth year. According to the telegraph travel reader named New Zealand their favourite country. It’s almost been four years in New Zealand , To be honest, I have not visited so many countries but my experience so far with  New Zealand I would say I love this country. People, Culture, Beauty and Nature all are Fantastic here.


New Zealand is a peaceful and beautiful country on the earth.  There are so many stunning beaches in New Zealand but I would tell you about the 10 stunning beaches.


piha beach


  • Piha, West Auckland – When I first came to New Zealand, I stayed with people from Bangladesh and I was homesick at that time. After almost one week they took me to the Piha beach. When we were on the way to Piha beach I saw the beauty all around and was amazing. When we reached there my reaction was waaaaaaooooo! And totally shocked to see the beauty and blue sky. It is one of the most popular beaches in New Zealand and major day trip for Aucklanders throughout the year, especially in summer. It is very popular of international surfing competitions as well.


mount maunganui



  • Mt Maunganui beach, Bay of Plenty – Mt Maunganui beach has been ranked one of the best beaches in the south pacific. This beach is the perfect for catching a wave. This beach is especially for stunning sunset views and boasts crystal white sand.


ninety mile beach


  • Ninety Mile Beach, Kaitaia – In 2015 I visited Ninety-mile beach. This beach is very long and about 88kms. This beach is on the western coast of the far north of the north island.


orewa beach


  • Orewa Beach, Orewa – This beach is one of the safest and long beaches(3km) in Auckland. Every year there is an event called Orewa Big Dig organised by local lions club, where children dig in the sands to find prizes.


hahei beach


  • Hahei, Coromandel – Hahei is a popular destination for tourist, with a white sandy beach and the main thing about this beach is water is so clear you can see your feet. It is the perfect destination to stay. If you like to walk there is a Cathedral cove which is about 90 minutes . I would personally recommend if you go to Hahei beach don’t miss the Cathedral cove beauty. I would say once you come back you will be thanked yourself.

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