6 Ways To Make An Extra $1,000 A Month

6 Ways To Make An Extra $1,000 A Month

extra-moneyMoney is not everything but we need money to do everything. Every people on the planet wants to earn money but many of us don’t know how to earn extra money. You might hardly hear that people actually earn extra money apart from their regular jobs. If you are earning some extra money per month. It could be good for you to pay off your bills and other expenses. Often my friends asked me what we can do to earn extra from our regular jobs.

It seems like hard to earn but I am writing this post to show, how you can earn extra money and how you can achieve the target. If you think out of the box, it is fairly easy to earn money online but you need to put some efforts and little hard works. If you find all those steps are truly applicable to you then you can earn.


It won’t make you rich but if you’re earning $500-$1000 per month extra than it would add some advantage in your personal lifestyle or family. There is so many part time online activities available to create extra cash.

1.Start Blogging: Yes blogging is a good idea to start earning extra cash. Blogging takes a time to build up but later on it will be a good source of income for you. Even you are feeling silly at your home or nothing to do, you can write on your blog. From my personal experience, it makes you feel positive and better. You don’t need to invest too much money, you can start it for free from blogspot.com or if you don’t like to start from blogspot.com, start it from WordPress with a cheaper plan.

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When I started first blogging I used to write about Fashion and Sports then after some years I started writing about the personal finance, travelling, personal development and money. Like me, you can write anything that you like. To be honest it will take some time to come up with the actual picture but I would say don’t give up. Keep writing and monetize your blog as much as you can.


2. Freelance Writer: Freelancing will be an another good idea to earn extra cash. There are a lot of publications online you can write for them. The best part of freelancing is job flexible and you can do it anytime. Some online publications pay a high rate and some are average($100-$500+ per post). If you want to become a freelance writer. I will write this post later but meantime you can google freelance jobs and register.


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3. Teach Online Course: If you have right skills and experience in particular field or area, You can register on Udemy.com. One of the best online place to teach an online course.


4. House Cleaning: It’s very hard to afford a maid and pay higher wages. If you have got some cleaning skills, then you can clean any kind of house but before starting it you need some housekeeping material. You can set a standard rate like if you are two person crew so it could be like $80-$100 dollars per hour.


5. Baby Sitting, House Sit or Pet Sit: Baby, House, or Pet sitting are the best ways to earn extra cash and you might don’t know that they all are in demand. This is a fast way or asap to earn money. And obviously, it’s good for mommies. You can go online and register sittercity.com. There are lots of babysitting jobs in your area, I would suggest go and find them. I have heard that Sittercity is the best website to get a job. They will not charge you anything for signup and it’s user-friendly.

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6. Virtual Assistant: Working from home could be a good idea for everyone and it’s really awesome. A virtual assistant or social media manager is the good idea to make extra cash anytime.  A virtual assistant is basically to assist someone in an area like administrative work, technical or creative assistant remotely from home. And social media manager is one who manages social media like facebook, twitter etc. If you don’t have technical knowledge then virtual assistant would be a good fit for you.


Conclusion: Earning money might be hard but once you get into it, you will definitely find the way to earn money. My personal experience if you earning at least some amount of money apart from your regular job then you will get the advantage of that by the end of every month. I believe that if you started doing things right now you will definitely feel happier and stress-free life.



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