Beginner Tips To Earn Money Online Through Google Adsense

Beginner Tips To Earn Money Online Through Google Adsense

You may know that there are hundreds of ad network to earn money online. But Google Adsense is always on the top of the list. When I started blogging my first preference to earn money online through Adsense. The majority of bloggers first preference is Google Adsense to make money online. And of course, this is one of the best tools to promote your blog.

Google Adsense is one of the ways you can generate good money from your blog or website. The only thing you need is how you can use this tool. There are certain parameters and guidelines which are made by Google. You have to follow those terms and conditions to get your Adsense approved.

The main thing you don’t need to pay even a single buck. It’s totally a free service offered by the Google for publishers to monetize your blog content. However you don’t need to worry about the pay, they always pay on time. Getting started with Adsense all you need YouTube channel or blog or website. You need to apply online to get approval from Adsense. Login sign up and follow the steps. Once you have followed the process and filled the application, it will go to the Google and they will review your blog and content.

If it’s everything is perfect according to their guidelines. You will get the approval and then you need to create the ad unit to generate code. Once the code gets generated, then you have to place it on your website or blog or you can download the plugin which supports Google Adsense.


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You need to be careful with some guidelines:


If you think that this is very easy and you can ask your friends, family or anyone to click on the ads to generate money, please don’t do that. Everyone can understand that it’s free for all publishers but they have maintained the high quality and standards. If they find any invalid clicks or illegal activities are happening on your blog. They will straight away disable your account and it’s very hard to get back to the normal. If you don’t have an online identity and you want to make money through Adsense. Below are some steps to create a blog for free. You might have heard a name of by Google. Yes, this is the online platform where you can create your own successful blog without having so much tech knowledge. Google obviously needs some web identity to place ads online.


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Create a free blog on Blogspot:


As I said Blogspot is a free platform to make blog online. You just need a very basic understanding and you can create it within 10 minutes. I would personally recommend those who are very new in this field and want to know how blogging lifestyle works. You can easily get a better experience about online business or blogging. You need to follow simple steps to create an online blog.


  • Domain name: Blogspot offers sub-domain like and I would suggest getting a name which is easy to remember.
  • Niche: Selection of Niche is an important part of every blogger; it can be Finance, Technology, Health, Fitness, Food, Personal development and Fashion. Anything you can write which you love. You need to write content at least 400 words with images. It’s easy to write an article, but make sure you write it properly (check grammar, active passive voice etc.).
  • Pages: It’s important to have pages on your blog. Pages are basically about your blog, contact information etc. When you create a blog it is very important for every blogger on the first scenario to have about and contact us page. I will tell you about why pages are important for every blog.
  • Design: You can choose any design or template for your blog. It’s freely available on the internet or blog spot also offer a free template to their users. If you want your blog should look professional then you can buy 3rd party templates available online.
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Conclusion: If you are very new to the blogging. This is a platform for you to learn about blogging and get the experience before moving to the next step. Personally, when I first started blogging, I made my first blog through Blogspot.

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