How to get a better good night sleep

How to get a better good night sleep

Getting a better good night sleep is very important for us. I personally believe that if you have good sleep at night then the next day you will feel better and stress-free. Sometimes I can’t take a proper sleep because of too much worry, tension, stress etc. Everybody has different problems many of us got work problem, personal problem, health problem and much more. All these problems make us unfit and stressed. Here are the ways start following them to get better night every day.

  • Manage your time for sleep

Most of us have a busy schedule every day. We can’t get enough time to sleep and it makes us unfit. Sleep is very important just like an exercise and diet. So it’s important for us to manage the right amount of time in your day and plan accordingly rest of the day. Everybody can get at least a nice and good sleep 7-8 hours for adults including older, 9-10 hours fo Teens, 10 hours for school kids and 10-12 hours for preschool age kids. So make sure you better plan yourself for everything and enjoy the sleep.

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  • Create consistent habit of sleep

We are very consistent in the term of following a routine. Sleep is not different. Try to manage yourself that you have to go to the bed at the particular time(Make routine accordingly) and waking up at the same time. You will find the consistent level of sleep each night and it makes you fall asleep each night.

  • Check your eating plan. What you eat and drink?
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There are important things that you need to avoid before going to the bed. Some people have the addiction of Smoke, Alcohol before going to the bed and you might don’t know those are the things won’t let you sleep.

Don’t eat big meals at night: Try to avoid heavy and rich meals before 2 hours to going to the bed. Try to keep yourself away from spicy, junk and acidic food at night because it can cause stomach and heartburn problems.

Avoid to drink too many liquids in evening: Don’t drink too many liquids in the evening because it makes you go to the bathroom throughout the night.

Try to avoid Alcohol, Caffeine, and Nicotine: You might don’t know that Caffeine can cause a sleeping problems for up to 10 to 12 hours after drinking.

  • Use the sleep technology.

In Todays, world technology is another main factor of our lives. There is so many sleeping technologies are available. Go to the Amazon there are a variety of gadgets available which helps you to sleep better.

  • Shut it down before bed

Doesn’t matter if you’re watching TV, Reading books, talking to other, Emails or messaging. These all are the activities makes your brain awake rather than relaxing it. Turn off all the bright lights whether it is television or whatever. These are things makes your sleep difficult.

Make your bed Cosy and Comfort: We invest one-third of our life in bed. A bed is most important part of our sleep. Try to make your bedroom nice, quiet and comfortable and don’t compromise on it.

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