How To Accomplish Your Goals This Year? Simple Steps

How To Accomplish Your Goals This Year? Simple Steps

Every year comes with new hopes and a new beginning. Normally people set a target to achieve their goals but some of them achieve the desired result. Why everybody can’t achieve the goals? The reason is they already stop working towards the goal after just a few weeks. You’ve  already closed your books for the year 2016 and might be you have achieved your goals or maybe not.


If you haven’t achieved your goals, it’s time to make plans and ideas to prove them in 2017. There are twelve months in the year, try to organise your plan according to every month. First of all, whatever will be your goal, you need to commit to that. If you will face any difficulties, try to fix them rather than ignoring.


Before setting any goals for 2017 you need to figure out something from your last year. You need to review all the goals you achieved and the success you had. After that, you need to think about the circumstances that failed and you struggled to achieve the success. Why I am saying this because this will give you some certain idea about the target and help you to find some solution so that you can achieve those goals this year. So, let’s start now and be an attitude “Yes I can do that”.

Here are some tips and advice to achieve your goals in 2017.


Motivation is key to achieving goals – Set goals that motivate you. Motivation is the key factor in achieving your success. Set goals that give you value.  You need to set those goals first which is high in priority and you need to stick and commit to them. When you will try to achieve those goals you might get some difficulties and may be hard for you. But I would suggest don’t give up. “Difficult road often lead to a beautiful destination”.

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Set SMART goals –  Most of the time you have heard that don’t do hard work, always do smart work. If you are doing hard work, it will take more time to achieve the certain goal but at the same time, if you doing smart work, you can achieve the target within the desired time or may be less than that.


SMART Means:  Specific . Measurable . Attainable . Relevant . Time


Why Specific – Your goals need to be specific and in one line. It means goals should be in one direction so that you can follow steps to reach to the particular task. Your target should be well defined and have a sufficient direction. Don’t involve yourself in so many things if you want to achieve something. As I said earlier be a stick in particular goal first.


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Why Measurable – Measure your goals according to the amounts, dates etc. Suppose last year you had a goal and achieved in 4 months but the deadline was 3 months. It means you took one extra month to achieve the target. Track your goals according to the levels.


Why Attainable – You need to attentive towards your target. Always focus on the goals. Some goals are really easy and some really hard. Make sure you don’t loose your hope and don’t demotivate yourself. You always have a spark in you that yes you can achieve that no matter if it is really hard. You always have a passion for achieving your goals.


Why Relevant – Your goals should be relevant all the time towards your career and success. You’re each and every goal should have a certain destination that gives you best result and helps to move ahead. At the end, your goals will have some worth.

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Why Time – Time is very important everywhere. You cannot stop time. If you have set 10 goals in a year, you need to divide all the goals according to the time. It means you have to complete all the goals before the deadline.


Write every goal – Writing is another important part of goals. The physical act of writing down a goal makes it real and tangible. If you are writing something then you have no excuse to forget any goals. When you write to use the word “will” rather than “would”. For example “I will buy a luxury car this year,” “not” I would like to buy a luxury car this year”. So both the sentence have a different meaning. The first one is showing the passion and a power and the second looks like an excuse and less confidence. Make yourself always positive.


Stick to it – Now you know goals, way, direction and destination. All you need to do stick to the goal. Move one by one on each step and follow the direction. If you will follow everything that you planned then nobody can stop you to achieving your goals.


Did you like this article? Are you motivated and ready to achieve your goals this year? Do you have any goal tips to share? I would love to see your comment below.  

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