How To Make Money Part Time As A Virtual Assistant

How To Make Money Part Time As A Virtual Assistant
Who is Virtual Assistant?


Virtual Assistant is a freelancer who provides online support by working from home or remotely. A virtual assistant provides a service to the individual or the organisations without going into the office of the client. It is work from home business. If you want to earn money from and want to become a virtual assistant, you need to know the basics and what basics skills you need to required.

What are the works Virtual Assistant do?

There are millions of businesses in the market and tonnes of work to do. But do you know there are many companies or small businesses in the market which cannot afford to hire a full-time employee? Basically, they outsourced their work to the virtual assistant to do their work. There is a lot of work to do and there is no limit to the variety.

A virtual assistant is the best self-employed business if you want to earn some extra money and you can do it side by side with your job. You can start with the small assignment first and once you will get the experience, then you will get the more opportunity online.

There are some categories below you can start working as a Virtual Assistant. You may have got all the skills below that you can use a virtual assistant.

Can You

  • write articles or press release?
  • do research?
  • manage customer service?
  • do general and administrative work?
  • coordinate travel and booking plans?
  • reply email and write letters?
  • create database
  • do digital marketing(SEO, SMO Etc)
  • do programming

Like above there are so many virtual jobs available online. You don’t need to have a professional qualification and experience. However all you need to familiar with the work you are applying and basic knowledge about your niche. For example, if you are applying for a general administrative work, you need to know the basics of working on a computer like handling and creating a database, schedule appointments, calendar management etc.

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Hiring stages of Virtual assistant:

Basic – In basic you don’t need to have an end to end knowledge about the niche. During your interview with the employer, you can show them the quality and the passion of the niche or the job you have applied.

Specialist – Specialist is those who has got the special skills and training in the particular area or field. For example, if you are expertise in Search engine optimisation and programming. You may not have years of experience but you can tell the employer that you have the ability to handle the work independently.

Expert – Expert virtual assistant you always need a good experience and your past successful history of your projects. You should have a sound knowledge of your area and must have skills to show your experience. Again you don’t need a specific qualification but you need your skills and past experience to prove the client.

How do you find Clients or VA jobs?

There are so many job portals available online. Below is some website you can have look to find VA jobs.

You can also take a help of Linkedin and social media like Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and Youtube. You always need a good communications skills, passion and honesty.

How Virtual Assistant Get Paid?

Virtual assistant pay rate depends on the skills and quality work you are giving to your client. The more skill and experience you offer the more money you could charge as a VA. There are some areas like real estate, web development, transcript if you have got this experience there are more likely chances to charge a higher rate from the client. Once you have the good experience as a VA then you review your skills and experience after every six months and increase your charges according to the level. Many virtual assistant rates vary from $20-$50 per hour.

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Conclusion: If you are a new to VA business, Start from the basics and your focus should be gaining the knowledge and skills and feedback from the client. You may find it difficult when you start but you will find your easy way once you get the experience. Money comes from the experience.


Have you tried to become a virtual assistant? Have you started now? Where do you find the VA jobs? Tell me in the comments! 





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