10 Best Ways To Make Money As A College Student

10 Best Ways To Make Money As A College Student

Every student in college life has a goal to earn money side by side without depending on the family. Many of the students want to earn money even if they are rich from their background. They think that they are good enough to understand the lifestyle and they wanted to create something from their own shoulder.

Very rare students totally depend on their parents because they don’t want to make life complicated with their studies. Honestly, when I was in college I tried to make money from different sources and achieved it. It feels good when you earn something from your own and you don’t feel that you have a burden for something on your head. It is because you earned money and you knows that what are your basic wants and needs at the time of student life.

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Most importantly, when you started earning no matter if it’s part time or full time. You will get the actual value of money and worth. It’s very easy to ask everytime from parents hard earned money that you need it for your small-small expenses. And sometimes it feels very bad to ask when you are getting older and you the value.

So, I personally feel that try to earn money when you are in college life and stop asking for money from your parents about small things. Anyway, they will support you from everywhere but I feel it’s your responsibility to support them back.



I have marked 10 important points below to earn money while you are in college.


#Tutor – Tutor is the best way to earn money. When I was in college I used to teach students. I used to teach accounting and business. That was the time I enjoyed alot. And you know you always feel motivated when you teach students. The main thing it enhances your skills and knowledge too. It is not mandatory you can only teach college students. It depends on your level and knowledge of expertise. Even you can teach local high school and elementary school students. It is a great way to earn some extra cash while you are in college.


#Baby sitting – Babysitting opportunities are always available. There are thousands of families with kids near your colleges or home always looking for a babysitter. The main thing you will enjoy your time with small kids. It will give you good worth and fill your pocket with some extra bucks.

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#Freelance writing If you love to write or if you are good at writing skills, there are tons of blogs and websites available on the internet to write content for them. It is basically if you think that you have good knowledge and skills on a topic. Then you can write for the other website easily. Search over the internet you will find many websites which match your skills. For example, you can write on anything from technology, nature, travelling and so many other topics. Learn more about freelance writing click here.


#Youtube videos – Create Youtube video is the awesome feature over the internet where you can generate handsome money. It will be fun and interesting for you if you have selected ideas. If you are creative in something and you have a great idea and you can think that you can attract viewers. I would say go for it. What you need to do. You need to create a video, upload it on youtube, link with the Google Adsense, then start earning money. It is simple as “More Viewer – More Money”.


#Bartender/Waitress – This is another best way to serve people and earn money. On the other hand, it will enhance your skills and knowledge in the hospitality industry. There are many restaurant or high-end cafes around you. Go and approach them to get the job in your hand. The best thing is that you can work day and night whenever you want. The most important part is you can earn some good tips while you are serving customer. This will add some more money to your normal wages.


#Offering creative skills – Do what you’re good at. The Internet is very big and there are lots of opportunities available. If you are a graphic designer, website designer, craft, creating video and social media. Offer your service on the internet or in college. It would help you in creating a large income. Offer your specialisation from small charges and increase your price once you will improve.


#Sell sports activities tickets – In every school and college, sports are available. If you are not a huge fan of sports like football or basketball still you can earn money by selling tickets. It depends on your college and school conditions. If they allow you to sell sports events tickets, you can check out the website like StubHub and find out the if there is something related to ticket exchange.

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#Housesitting – Housesitting is more popular in the summer season. This is basically when people go out on beaches or tours but they don’t have someone to take care of their pets like dogs, cats etc. Many pets don’t go on vacations. So the house owner needs someone to take care of their food, cleaning, water dish filled on regular basis or sometimes at least once per day. On the other hand, some people wants their house for a monitoring purpose like security. Probably they don’t want you to do kung fu but they want you to call the police or fire department if something wrong happens. It likes to monitor everything for safety purpose.


#Sell your old things and textbooks – Move out your old stuff if you don’t really need it. There are so many useless things you will find in your home which you don’t use anymore. Sell your old textbooks which you don’t read or not use anymore. Sometimes we keep the book for future purpose but ask yourself. How often you use them?

At the end of semester or college take out your all books either go the college bookstore to sell or find out a website such as textbooks.com, chegg.com.


#Parttime Internship – When I was in college I did an internship for the good organisation. It was not all about to make resume stronger but I earned good money. Go to your placement department in college and ask the HR or consultant if they have any internship available. Search for paid internship on internships.com or interqueen.com


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