How To Start A WordPress Blog In 20 Minutes – Easy Guide

How To Start A WordPress Blog In 20 Minutes – Easy Guide


Are you thinking to start a blog and want to start now? Don’t delay and start today.  I will take you through every single step and guide you through whole beginner journey of the blogging.

Ask yourself again do you want to really start a blog? If yes – you are on the right platform.

Before I will start the process, I’ll tell you some answer of the technical question in which you might get stuck. So you don’t need to worry about anything. Here are simple and easy steps to start a blog.

#Step 1 – Select a blogging platform – First of all you need to choose a blogging platform for a blog. Might be you aware that we can also create a blog for free and that’s true. You can create a blog for free on or you can choose subdomains of the other’s website but the truth is that these free platforms are limited in resources or tools.

I would straight away or highly recommended to you to choose site because I am working on this same platform. WordPress is very easy to use without any hassle.

Here is some reason why you should use
  • Easy to use and setup
  • You don’t need pay to buy WordPress but there is a small investment for your domain and server(See more about it below)
  • It is a robust and has been for many years. WordPress is totally secured system.(You need to update it time to time as new version become available to maintain security)
  • It has full support online. You can ask about anything you want to know from their expert developers, tool providers and designers.
  • They will help you in any kind of WordPress related problems.
  • It has got thousands of tools available online and many of them are free.
#Step 2 – Registering domain name and hosting

This is the next step domain name registration and hosting. Before registering a domain name you need to choose a niche for your blog.

What is NICHE?

Niche is a topic for your blog.

There are following Niche you can choose any.

Lifestyle, Health, Fitness, Finance, Food, Budget, Personal Development, Money and Travel.

I would recommend choose a domain which is related to your Niche because it easy to say and remember. Select domain which is unique and says about you. Even you can select a domain with best keywords can help you rank higher in a search engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo, AOL etc.

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I would suggest getting your domain and hosting registered from Bluehost. Domain name is your online identity of your blog or website.

You can get a domain name from free if you register with Bluehost but you need to signup with them for 1 year. It would be cheaper for you if you can sign up for one year and at the same time you can save money. SIGNUP NOW TO GET STARTED


Best offer for Top Inception Readers: If you get your domain and hosting registration from our link you will get special and discounted price with free Domain. You need to only pay $3.95USD. You need to choose a basic plan to start your blog. Don’t go for the Business pro and plus plans as they are expensive. You can move to the other big plans later on if you want but at the moment there is no need to get expensive plans.

There are some other items with the plan like Domain Privacy Protection but you need to pay a bit extra money for that $0.99USD per month. Domain Privacy Protection is good for every blogger to save your contact information.

Why I recommend you to signup for at least 12 months?

It is not mandatory to signup for 12 months but if comes in the terms of money ‘Yes’ you can save good money for signing up 12 months.

The other reason is that if you signup 12 months its cheaper and the best advantage is that you no need to worry about the expiry of the domain and hosting after each month.

Or if you will get on the monthly plan your blog will be on the risk because if your hosting is not renewed or if the card expires, then your website comes down and you will start loosing your blog visitor or traffic.  Simple is that Sign up more, Save more.

#Step 3 – Install WordPress for your blog

Once you registered with Bluehost, then it’s very easy to setup WordPress. For WordPress installation guide. You can watch the video created by Bluehost for blogger. It’s very easy to understand.

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If you find any problem while installing it, contact them directly. They have a live chat and 24/7 support system online. Ask them any questions.

Once you have completed the process, Yeaaahhhhhhhh! You are ready to go with your WordPress blog and congratulations.

Some general tips for installing the WordPress on Bluehost.
  1. Once you completed all the above step. You will get a link which will navigate you to your login profile of WordPress(
  2. You need to enter your username and password same like when you have installed the WordPress.
  3. Once you logged in you will see the dashboard. On the left-hand side, there are so many options like Home, Post, Media, Pages, Links, Comments, Feedback, Appearance, Plugins etc.
  4. If you want to write a post. Click on the post tab and create a new post. And it is same like with the pages
  5. If you want to upload or create images, click on the media section.
  6. If you want to add some HTML coding or if you want to arrange something then Go to the Appearance section.
  7. Most important you need a theme for your blog. There are so many free themes or templates available online if you like you can install them. I am using THEME JUNKIE theme at the moment you can purchase from them or Genesis theme I will recommend to you. Because these themes are search engine friendly and easy to use.

Do you love this guide to start a blog?

If you have used this tutorial to start your WordPress blog I would love to see your comments below. You may contact us anytime and let us know what blog you have started and how we can improve it to make easier and better guide. We will wait for your feedback.

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