How To Save Money On Groceries: 10 Ultimate Tips To Save Now

How To Save Money On Groceries: 10 Ultimate Tips To Save Now

Saving a money is a difficult task for everybody. But if we save money it can be helpful for us to use it in future. When I was at my very young age, I didn’t care about how much I Spend. Whatever the money I have got I spend all of it. When I go the supermarket, whatever I looked on the shelves and if it’s related to me, I didn’t care about the spending. But you know that’s not the right way. It means I don’t have control over money. When I got to know that this is not the right way to spend money which I can save the money by doing things at home. There are various ways to cut your bill by 50% but I have created some plan to save next time groceries.


  1. Plan a Menu – Always plan a menu before go out for food shopping. Creating a good menu will help you to save money and tell you the necessary items you need. When you created the menu would more help you to buy all the items in on the trip. If you purchased the things in one trip could save some money on fuel and time.
  2. Look for sales –  Most of the supermarkets have weekly sales offers and depend on the grocery stores. Sometimes have seen in the newspaper and online grab one offer sales. If you have a meal plan which is expensive and you still wanted to buy that. The best thing is to grab it on the sales offer. Like, if you would like to buy a chicken, the good option is to grab it from the weekly deals. Moreover, If I can’t find the best deal on the meat I would rather prefer to have rice and lentils or beans.
  3. Use Coupons: When I go to the supermarket or the grocery stores if I purchased items to a certain amount of limit they offered me a coupon for next purchase. Sometimes they do have offer discount on some items. So, I prefer to use them rather than buying the expensive stuff. Coupons always help to save money. Don’t use the coupons on unwanted things. However, if the coupons have got the validity or time period so use it on necessary things.
  4. Shop monthly – Monthly shopping is the best way to save money. As I said earlier by creating the list of the necessary items and if you can purchase it in one go would be the best idea to save time as well. Keep yourself out of the grocery store and try to come once a month.
  5. Look out for Dollar Stores – Dollar store would be the best way to find the products at a very cheap price. There are many items you can buy it from the dollar stores. For example, the best part is that from the normal grocery stores there are items which are expensive and don’t have the coupons(Spices and some other ingredients). Dollar stores will give you some of the items at very cheap prices. Even sometimes if I need cooking utensils, I always head towards dollar store. But you need to make sure that you have to shop wisely because sometimes they do have expensive stuff to as compared to the grocery store.
  6. Only buy what you need – I understand that when we go out to do some shopping we always ended up with some unusual things which we don’t need it. You need to make a strategy to buy the products or items you really need. Try to avoid looking out the Lingerie, If you have the right mindset go straight to the store, purchase the stuff and get out from the store directly. You need to make a habit of avoiding things.
  7. Brand name VS Generic Items- Most of the time I always look to buy the generic items.  I don’t need a brand name always because there are other alternative or substitute I can use that. If you find something in the lower brand and have the same value I would recommend just grab that. For example, Normally I get the things like Oil, Tea, Rice, Flour, Butter, Milk etc. Even though sometimes you can get the best deal on those items. You might be thinking that brand name always gives the high quality but I found generic things have the same quality as compared to the brand name, even better taste. But you need to be aware of things which are good or bad in the generic section.
  8. Pay with cash – I always bring cash with me to shop for groceries. Suppose If I carry $100, so it means I cannot go beyond my budget. Cash helps me to stick with the budget. And get the necessary items within that amount.
  9. High and Low price – You might have seen that every department or supermarket have a marketing strategy to attract the customer. For example, On the top shelves, they stock the items with higher value and bottom shelves with lower prices. Normally, people always looks on the top shelves rather than the bottom. Because it is convenient for them to look the product and that also a marketing tactics. So from next time when you go to the store look all shelves for the better savings.
  10. Buying seasonal products – I wanted to be fit and healthy and everybody wants too. Buying fresh vegetables and fruit from the stores can be expensive sometimes. Because there are many fruits and vegetable comes up according to the season. For example – During the winter Dec, Jan, and Feb – Kiwi fruit, Mandarin Oranges, Grapefruit etc. If you purchase those fruit and vegetable without season that might cost you more. You will get those on the cheaper price depends on the season.
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Conclusion: I would recommend always look for your needs first rather than spending money on unusual items. Try to avoid things that you don’t need. Keep track of your budget and groceries. And make this a habit. Use this 10 ultimate money saving tips on grocery from your next shopping.




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