Top health benefits of eating Bananas will blow your mind

Top health benefits of eating Bananas will blow your mind

Do you know Banana is one of the most important fruit for our Health?. Banana protect us during workouts, depression and also protect us from having diseases like Cancer, Diabetes etc.
Bananas have no fat and very little percentage of protein and it has round about 105 calories and 27 grams of Carbohydrate. However, banana consists of a high percentage of water. Most importantly, people think that Bananas are only for MONKEYS if yes, then you need to think again. Eating at least 3 bananas per day will give 1500mg of Potassium and extra health benefits. Bananas are always on the top of the list amongst all fruits.




So do you eat Banana every day? Here are some top health benefits of it.


Banana helps in Digestion – Banana contains a fiber called Pectin and fiber is an important nutrient in our body. Eating banana will make you feel active and helps you with the problem of constipation.


Helps you in Fitness(Athletic performance) – Many of you heard that fitness model or Athlete love bananas. The reason behind this is that Banana helps to increase muscle strength and provide antioxidants and other nutrients naturally.


Weight Loss – Maybe you will go to the gym to reduce weight but there are some fruits which help you in weight loss. One of them is Banana. Bananas contain more than 100 calories and it is very nutritious and filling. As I said in my first point they are rich in fiber. Eating more fiber from fruits and vegetable is linked with the lower body weight and weight loss. If you have a banana before lunch,you will be less likely to eat food when it comes to your table.

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Banana helps to boost your mood and feel happy Banana also contains a mineral Called ‘Magnesium’ and medium size of banana provides you about 27mg Magnesium. This mineral helps to boost mood level and makes you feel happy. If your body doesn’t have magnesium or if you’re low in magnesium, you’re most likely to suffer from Depression, anxiety, and other disorders.


Bananas are rich in Vitamin B6 – Banana creates healthy cells in our body. They are rich in Vitamin B6 and it helps with the production of antibodies that fight infections. Vitamin B6 helps the body to produce insulin, hemoglobin, and nonessential amino acids to create healthy cells.


Improves Kidney and Heart Health – Bananas are also rich in Potassium and having a banana in morning every day adds a nutrient to your body to support heart function. Potassium is most important mineral for blood pressure control and healthy kidney function. As per the studies have found that who eat 4-5 times banana each day is 50 percent less likely to develop kidney disease as compared to people who don’t eat bananas.


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